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Italy’s AKI reports that there may have been an attack Friday as well, this time in the city of Ili in northwest Xinjiang. AKI writes that, according to Arabic broadcaster al Jazeera, a large explosion killed nine people, though it was unclear whether the explosion was intentional or accidental. AKI later reported that Chinese officials denied that an explosion had occurred.

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When seemingly irreconcilable differences split the nation down the middle, with each half accusing the other of bad faith, paralysis sets in. Polarization solidifies into gridlock, and gridlock blocks us from coping with our most urgent problems. When polarized, we cannot form the kind of consensus needed to take effective action. The glue that binds our diversity together dissolves. We are prevented from reaching air max running
truths we desperately need for our future safety and survival. None of them argues against polarization merely because it is oppositional or rudely expressed. All of them recognize that democracy does not wear dainty air max 95 wheat pack
white gloves and speak in polite murmurings. Yet, with only one exception in this eight part series, America’s current state of mind alarms them. They fear that stark and bitter polarization over issues such as the war in Iraq endangers our future not because the polarization makes people angry, but because it makes us dysfunctional as a society.

I have no very strong opinion about this. Encyclopedia articles about current events are in many ways different from news articles about current events. I suspect we should have some parallel work going on, and Wikinews should be more prominently featured in this way on the Wikipedia homepage. But that’s a big internal community discussion that other people know more about than I do.

Lady Gaga might create a t shirt from a bizarre fabric, made from meshed metal, or plastic pellets, or spider s silk. The cut and shape of one of her t shirt would of course be dramatic and not very comfortable to wear. But that isn t the point wearing one of her t shirts would be all about air max thea colorways
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